benefits of our service

Our unique FTA channel licensing and management service brings several benefits to both IPTV Operators and Broadcasters:

Benefits of the service to IPTV and OTT Operators

1. Removes the need to coordinate and negotiate agreements with hundreds of broadcasters
2. Reduces risk by ensuring a rebroadcasting license is in place with each broadcaster
3. Insulates the operator against pressure from individual broadcasters
4. Formalises the operator's channel rights position, with monthly updates
5. Keeps operator informed of key personnel changes at the channel
6. Keeps operator informed of frequency changes, planned outages and other technical changes
7. Creates new commercial opportunities for the operator with broadcasters
8. Platform for outbound communications to broadcasters

Benefits of the service to Broadcasters

1. Increases channel viewing audience with every new operator added
2. Removes the need for time consuming negotiations with operators
3. Supports broadcasters in communicating with operators, and getting proper answers
4. Audience viewing data
5. New commercial opportunities such as advertising, promotions and VOD

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